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summary orem theory

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... This is important in explaining the fact that many children that seem to come from ‘good’ families still have personality problems. The theory does not include that the child must come from a ‘bad’ family or one that obviously neglects them.
The theory also explains why children with the same experiences do not necessarily acquire the same personalities. The first reason is that the hostility does not necessarily become anxiety. Instead, it only becomes anxiety if the child represses the hostility. This adequately explains why ...
... individuals continue certain behaviors or trends that are harmful to them, despite the harm it is doing. Essentially, these individuals are stuck in the cycle and their focus on reducing the anxiety prevents them from taking actions that would help them.
In summary then, Horney’s theory explains how the childhood impacts the adult personality, how each child can respond differently to the same events and how the development of basic anxiety can lead to a vicious cycle of neurotic behavior.

Erik Erikson’s Eight ...

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